Terms for reimbursing international participants in Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2020, Gdansk, Poland

 General rules

  1. These terms specify rules for reimbursing international participants in Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2020, held on April 23-25, 2020 in Gdańsk in European Solidarity Centre (“PDF CEE 2020”).
  2. Definitions:
    1. Organizer: ePaństwo Foundation with its seat in Warsaw at Nowogrodzka 25/37, postal code: 00-511;
    2. Applicant: subject applying for reimbursement of participation in the PDF CEE 2020.
  3. The following costs may be subject to reimbursement: travel and/or accommodation.
    1. Co-financing of accommodation means the allocation of accommodation in a double room in a hotel indicated by the Organizer. In justified cases, indicated by the Applicant in the application for co-financing, he/she will be accommodated in a single room.
    2.  Applicants specify in the application the number of requested days of accommodation during the PDF CEE 2020, but the Organizer decides about the number of accommodation days that are subject to reimbursement.
    3. Co-financing of travel means co-financing travel to Gdańsk and back. The Organizer does not finance additional travel costs to the airport / station from which the journey begins.
    4. Tickets accepted by the Applicant and purchased by the Organizer for a particular date and time of travel are not refundable or exchangeable.
    5. The applicant selects type of costs to be reimbursed. All the above costs or only some may be selected.
  4. The total amount of all reimbursements is limited. Reimbursement is granted according to assessment of motivation for the participation in the PDF CEE 2020 and criteria set in these terms. Applications will be evaluated formally and on the basis of their merits by the Organizer. Applications will be evaluated by February 10th 2020.
  5. Filing an application does not guarantee that the reimbursement is granted, that it is granted in the applied amount, or that it is granted for all types of costs indicated in the application.
  6. The official Internet site of the PDF CEE 2020 is: https://pdfcee.pl/en/.

Criteria of reimbursement and preparation of applications

  1. Reimbursement may be applied for by individual persons.
  2. In case of more applications from one entity, the Organizer reserves the right to choose the entity’s representative (s)
  3. Applications have to be filed by January 22, 2020 at: https://pdfcee.pl/en/apply-for-travel-grant/. In case of questions please contact: katarzyna.koslacz@epf.org.pl.
  4. Information about results of the evaluation will be sent to Applicants using e-mail addresses shared by them in the application forms.
  5. Applicants shall confirm acceptance of the granted reimbursement, within 48 hours from the receipt of the information, to the e-mail address indicated in subsection 3 above.
  6. Due to the procedures related to the purchase of air tickets, the Applicant is obliged to communicate with the Organizer smoothly and to respond to messages related to the purchase of air tickets within 24 hours.
  7. Applicants who obtain reimbursement but do not use it, will be obliged to cover costs incurred by the Organizer in relation to the Applicant.
  8. Applicants who accepted the reimbursement or partial reimbursement shall register for PDF CEE 2020 within 3 calendar days from the receipt of notification about opening the registration for the PDF CEE 2020 at the website http://pdfcee.pl

Financial settlements

  1. The Organizer covers costs according to the granted reimbursement. The Organizer does not cover costs above granted reimbursement (e.g., in case of costs increase).
  2. Travel costs may cover: buses, small buses, train (2nd class), airplane (economic class – cheap tickets), private car (according to the transportation sheet).
  3. Participants are required to return or submit original tickets or a filled-in Transportation Sheet (where applicable) to the Organizer within 5 days after the PDF CEE 2020. The Organizer may revoke the decision about reimbursement in case the above documents are missing or incomplete.
  4. Participants with granted reimbursement have to sign all roosters confirming their attendance to the PDF CEE 2020. In case the signatures are missing, the Organizer may revoke the decision about reimbursement.
  5. If the Organizer revokes the decision on reimbursement the Applicant is then obliged to return the obtained reimbursement (and in case referred to in section 3.1. of General rules, to cover costs incurred in relation to giving the room).

Final clauses

  1. The Organizer does not cover participants’ insurance against injuries.
  2. The Organizer does not cover participants’ visa costs.
  3. The Organizer does not cover the PDF CEE 2020 entry fee costs’.
  4. Travel Grant application submission does not exempt Participants from registering at the PDF CEE 2020 (the registration form will be published in February 2020).