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Personal Democracy Forum CEE


Personal Democracy Forum is an annual conference on how technology is changing politics, government and civic life. This initiative started in the US in 2004, and was introduced in Poland in 2013. Since then, PDF CEE has become the biggest CEE event devoted to technology, democracy and civic engagement. It gathers members of NGOs, activists, public administration officers and journalists from more than 50 countries. People from the CEE region (EU and non-EU countries) and beyond meet here, share their experiences and connect with experts and practitioners from all over the world. The main event organiser of the PDF CEE is the ePanstwo Foundation. Festival of Civic Tech for Democracy is mainly organised by Code for Poland (project created by the Foundation).


ePanstwo Foundation


Lack of transparency, accountability and responsiveness of public authorities results in distrust, weak position of citizens and predominance of private interest over common good. 

ePanstwo Foundation – established in 2010 in Poland – is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization supporting democracy development through promoting government transparency, accountability and citizen engagement. We work with ordinary people, activists, NGOs and public authorities by providing them with practical tools and exploring transparency issues meaningful to their work. 

The outcome to achieve is: competent citizens engaging in the country’s administration management, leading to better and fairer decision-making processes. We want to inspire people with the idea of their responsibility for the country and give them the knowledge as well as modern digital tools needed to improve it.

Policy works – Because we believe that bringing issues of openness, and transparency into the public eye is crucial for democracy, we have diagnosed systemic gaps and proposed substantive solutions. In collaboration with Polish cities we initiated and supported the implementation of Open Data policies. We focus on sharing our knowledge and competencies with other CEE and EU organizations. We work on policy papers and conduct research on topics at the intersection between democracy and technology. One of the our main projects is Code for Poland:


Code for Poland is an interdisciplinary community seeking technological solutions to civic challenges. Our vision is Poland as a country with efficient public institutions being citizen-centric, companies focused on social issues operating on public data, progressive NGOs knowing how to advocate with data, with citizens involving themselves more in public matters and finally with dialogue that builds trust among all of these actors.