• Module: Frustration vs hope. Does democracy work every day and does it work for everyone?

    10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

    Speaker: Paula Forteza, Member of French Parliament (Assemblée nationale)
    Details available soon

    Speaker: Iwona Cichosz, Deaf ambassador and sign language interpreter
    Details available soon

    Speaker: Emina Bosnjak, organizer of the first Pride in Sarajevo 
    Details available soon

  • Module: We are no puppets. How not to get exploited and deceived among disinformation and big data?

    11:15 AM – 12:00 PM

    Speaker: Tomáš Kriššák, Open Society Foundation, Slovakia
    Details available soon

    Speaker: Ivana Markovic, University of Belgrad
    Details available soon

  • Panel: Artificial intelligence. How to preserve dignity in the world of machines?

    1:00 PM – 2:45 PM

    Moderator: Fanny Hidvegi, Access Now, Brussels

    Representative of Ministry of Digital Affairs
    Representative of Microsoft CEE
    Representative of Amnesty International

    Details about panelists available soon

  • Workshop session

    3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

    Workshop 1 (60 min.)
    Organization: Alliance for Europe
    Speakers: Katharina Moser, Maia Mazurkiewicz
    Details available soon

    Workshop 2 (90 min.)
    Organization: Uzinaduzina
    Coordinator: Mihaela Bidilica
    Details available soon

    Workshop 3 (90 min.)
    Organization: OBWE/ODIHR


    Anete Erdmane, Human Rights Adviser/Monitoring and Response Co-ordinator, OSCE/ODIHR
    Marta Achler, Senior Legal Advisor, European Center for Not-for-profit Law (ECNL)
    Representative of the Velvet Revolution movement in Armenia
    Details available soon

    Workshop 4 (90 min.)
    Organization: Polycular
    Speaker: Abdullah Al-Karam
    Details available soon

    Workshop 5 (120 min.)
    Organization: TransparenCEE

    Chrisitne Borovkova, Internet Guide, Ukraine
    Mariia Avdieieva, European Expert Association, Ukraine
    Roman Kifliuk, National Broadcasting Council, Ukraine
    Eduard Saakashvili, Coda Story, Georgia/Germany
    Details about workshop and panelists available soon

    Workshop 6
    Organization: European Association for Local Democracy (ALDA)
    Topic: The importance of local democracy and citizens engagement at the
    local level as a practice of democracy
    Details about panelists available soon

    Workshop 7 (60 min.)
    Speaker: Karolina Mackiewicz
    Topic: How to rebuild trust in personal data sharing and put users back in control – A paradigm shift for personal data use

    Workshop 8 (60 min.)
    Organization: Code for All
    Speakers: Kelly Halseth, Sophia Corona
    Details available soon

  • Module: In the world of distortion and illusion. Democracy and capitalism do not always go hand in hand.

    10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

    Speaker: Balázs Bábel, Vasasok workers’ union, Hungary
    Details available soon

    Speaker: Louise Russell-Prywata, Open Ownership, UK 
    Details available soon

    Speaker: Jakub Szymik, political consultant, Poland
    Details available soon

  • Module: Content blocking - contribution to censorship or freedom of speech? A story of how there is no universal system.

    11:15 AM – 12:00 PM

    Speaker: Sergey Boyko, Russia of the Future
    Details available soon

    Speaker: Kasia Odrozek, Mozilla Foundation
    Details available soon

  • Panel: Climate - the planet is burning, and technology…

    1:00 PM – 2:45 PM

    Moderator: Mark Cridge, MySociety, UK

    Representative of Gdańsk Municipal Council
    Chris Adams,

    More details about panelists available soon

  • Workshop session

    4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

    Workshop 1 (60 min.)
    Organization: Citizens for Europe
    Christian Miess
    Details available soon

    Workshop 2 (90 min.)
    Organization: Democratic Society.  
    Elizabeth Wiltshire
    Details available soon

    Workshop 3 (60 min.)
    Organization: Vision House
    Speaker: Łukasz Bluszcz
    Details available soon

    Workshop 4 (60 min.)
    Moderator: Anna Wójcik, editor of Archiwum Osiatyńskiego, Rule of Law in Poland

    Małgorzata Szuleka, lawyer and advocacy officer at Helsinki Human Rights Foundation, Poland
    Elena Shakova, Citizens’ Watch Russia
    Michał Wawrykiewicz,  lawyer, Free Courts initiative, Poland
    Franciszek Sterczewski, Member of Parliament, organizer of Chain of Lights at Poznań protests in defense of independence of judiciary 
    More details about panelists and workshop available soon

    Workshop 5 (60 min.)
    Organization: ICANN. Internet Governance Forum 2020

    Representative of ICANN
    Representative of NASK
    Representative of the Ministry of Digital Affairs
    Details available soon

    Workshop 6 (60 min.)
    Organization: Code4Romania
    Speaker: Adriana Spulber
    Details available soon

    Workshop 7 (30 min.)
    Organization: Zavod Državljan D
    Speaker: Domen Savič
    Details available soon

  • Festival of Civic Tech for Democracy
  • Opening Session

    10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

    Organization: Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
    Speaker: Michał “Rysiek” Woźniak
    Topic: Mapping The (Un)Expected Virtues of Openness

    Organization: Impetus
    Speaker: Liljana Pecova – Ilieska
    Topic: 21st Century and still have 21 Questions

    Organization: Save Dnipro
    Speakers: Iryna Chernysh, Pasha Tkachenko
    Topic: Smartphone environment: from grassroots initiative to state impact in half a year

  • Module: Technology and open data as a tools which support the quality of public services and democracy

    11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

    Moderation:Details available soon

    Organization: Code for Pakistan
    Speaker: Ebtihaj Khan
    Topic: Lobbying for an open government: Our learnings from Pakistan’s first open data portal

    Organization: Lviv Communal Enterprise “Municipal IT Center”
    Speaker: Yaryna Voznyak
    Topic: How to help cities use most of open data? City Helper case

    Organization: OpenUp
    Speaker: Lailah Ryklief
    Details available soon

    Organization: Code for France activist
    Speaker: Jules Depeux
    Details available soon

  • Module: Summit

    1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

    Details and speakers available soon

  • Module: Participatory budgeting

    2:50 PM – 4:00 PM

    Moderation & opening speech: Borys Martela
    Organization: Institute of Urban and Regional Development – Observatory of Urban Policy
    Topic: Be careful what you wish for? Lessons from implementing PB in Poland

    Organization: Coalition for the Advance of e-Democracy
    Speaker: Dmytro Khutkyy
    Topic: Participatory Budgeting: Civic Engagement for Smart City Development

    Organization: Transparency International Lithuania
    Speaker: Ieva Duncikaite
    Topic: Real time transparency: the future perspective of participatory budgeting in schools

    Organization: Digidem Lab
    Speaker: Pierre Mesure
    Topic: Tales of PB in Sweden: trying to improve democracy in a country convinced of being a democracy champion

    Organization: Miasto Jest Nasze
    Speaker: Justyna Kościńska
    Topic: Flower meadows or weeds – reflection on Warsaw’s participatory budget