Visegrad Project

The Visegrad Project supported by the International Visegrad Fund is an element of the 6th edition on Personal Democracy Forum CEE – the international conference gathering activists, public administration, media and academia representatives as well as other experts involved in the debate on the future of democracy in Poland and abroad.

The conference is an occasion to speak abut the problems and challenges of democracies in Central-and-Eastern Europe with special emphasis on V4 countries. It also provides space to present useful tools, look for practical solutions and share experiences from across the region.

The project is devoted to the discussion on the role of civic tech organizations in promoting democratic values such as transparency, freedom of information, civic participation in decision-making processes as well as the use of new technologies to build the future for all. The motto of PDF CEE 2018 – Future for All – allows for the debate and idea exchange during the two days of presentations, networking sessions, workshops and several satellite events, eg. Festival of Applications for Communities and Democracy.

Within the project an expert V4 meeting will be organized to discuss multi-levelled cooperation and mutual support aimed at influencing public policies and strengthening bonds between all actors of social and political life.

Partners of the Project: