Code of Conduct

Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2018 is an open event for activists from all over the world whose aim is to develop tools and policies for social good and good governance.

As organizers we would like to all participants to follow the below mentioned rules:

  • Act fairly, honestly, and in good faith with other participants;
  • Listen actively (especially if you have the loudest voice);
  • Engage in conversations which challenge your world views;
  • Act with integrity and respect even when you disagree;
  • Facilitate transparency and openness as much as possible;
  • Assist in creating a welcoming and respectful environment, by following instructions from our staff and volunteers;
  • Respect the privacy rights of participants that do not wish to be photographed or quoted;
  • Everyone attending Personal Democracy CEE 2018, irrespective of nationality, gender, racial or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, disability, age, or sexual orientation, has the right to be free from harassment.

 Anti-Harassment Policy

  • Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated;
  • Any harassing or disrespectful behaviour, comments, messages, images or interactions by any participant will not be tolerated;
  • You should report any unusual or inappropriate activity directly to one of our staff or to the contact below;
  • Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2018 organizers reserve the right to revoke the attendance privileges of any offending individual or party and determine on what basis this decision is made.

Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy Response Process

When there has been an incident or breach of this code, the Personal Democracy Forum CEE 2018 team will confidentially review and respond to any participant who has experienced harassment, inappropriate behavior, or a violation of the code of conduct. The final decision on any disciplinary action will be made by Fundacja ePaństwo Board and communicated to those involved.

Please contact us at or contact Aleksandra Kamińska at: or (+48) 698 899 100

Thanks AccessNow, organizators of RightsCon, for inspiring us to implement this Code of Conduct.