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Be part of one of the most diverse, collaborative, and tech-savvy communities in the region! Co-create the 8th edition of PDF CEE 2020 & Festival of Civic Tech for Democracy.

Calling all enthusiasts – applications are now open for PDF CEE 2020 & Festival of Civic Tech for Democracy. Share your story in front of an international audience, teach how to make a difference with technology, or run a lively debate on a controversial topic. Whatever your civic goal may be, take the opportunity to be part of the civic activists community on April 23-25, 2020.

Applications are now open – please take note of the deadline: December 10 (11:59 pm CET).


Who are we looking for?

PDF CEE 2020 & Festival of Civic Tech for Democracy are open to all types of contributions that discuss the relationship between human rights and digital advancements. We are looking for your thoughts and input on the 21st century perspectives on:

  • freedom
  • human rights
  • digital rights
  • culture
  • privacy and software / hardware developments
  • impact of technologies on the labour markets
  • fresh air and healthy environment
  • community-driven smart city development.

Your area of expertise / interest not on the list? Please do not hesitate to apply anyway. We strongly encourage you to share your unique perspective to trigger the debate. You can submit more than one contribution.


How to apply?

Send your application by filling the form. The deadline is December 10, 2019.

Important: If you are chosen, you should expect up to 4 online sessions with our coach. She is an adult education and presenting expert who supports all our contributors in arriving at the best version of their presentation or workshop.

If you know someone who may be interested in our event or would be a great contributor on stage or during panel discussions or workshops, please forward this message!

If you have any questions – we are here to help! Contact us via or our social media channels.

You can also sign up for Event Updates to keep up with all things PDF CEE & Festival.




What are the selection criteria?

We want the conference to be as diverse as possible. Our goal is to provide its participants with a wide range of topics and perspectives . The main objective is to look at the contemporary meaning of the 21 Demands in the most inspirational way possible. We are not afraid of starting difficult conversations and we welcome unconventional interpretations.

Can I propose my idea for networking during the event?

We are open to all suggestions. Do you have an idea or a question? Write to us. We particularly encourage proposals related to all forms of knowledge sharing and community building.

When will I know if my idea has been accepted?

Each person who submitted his or her idea for a presentation, workshop, debate, networking activity, etc. will get an e-mail no later than 15th January 2020.

Do the contributors receive a remuneration?

No, this is a pro bono activity.

Do you cover hotel and travel expenses for the contributors?

We have a pool of grants, which cover hotel and travel expenses. The Foundation reserves the right to choose the hotel and the means of transport after the grant has been awarded.

If I am invited to co-create PDF CEE 2020, what support can I expect?

We offer the support of a public speaking expert who will support the contributors in arriving at the best version of their presentation or workshop. Work with the coach will have the form of online meetings (expect up to 4 meetings).

Will PDF CEE 2020 be interpreted into languages other than English?

Yes, we provide simultaneous interpretation into Polish and PJM (Polish Sign Language).